Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beginning a new chapter: Nebraska.

As many of you now know, I am no longest an Ohio resident. While my heart will always belong to the Buckeyes and the Buckeye state, my journey in the land of the Nebraska Cornhuskers officially started last week. I am excited, anxious, nervous, and optimistic about where this journey will take me, and am confident that residing out west will be a great move for me, both personally and professionally.

Plans for my big move began after I accepted at position with Beck Ag, Inc., a group of agricultural sales and marketing consultants specializing in experience-sharing marketing for many companies within the industry. Ranging from seeds to chemicals, and animal health to ag advertising, my coworkers bring a variety of rich experience to the Beck Ag team. I am very excited to be involved in "sharing the agriculture story" on behalf of our customers with the many growers and producers around the country. In my specific role I will be responsible for database support, conference metrics and result summaries, and will work with our AgTeleExperts and Project Managers to ensure the success of each project. This job will be anything but monotonous and is sure to challenge me and keep me learning each day.

As a part of my westward travels, I also got to spend Easter in Norfolk with Brian, his family, and my Dad and Cathy. The Wenig/Anderson parent meeting could not have gone better, and we had a ton of fun cooking, coloring eggs, playing cards, and coaching our star Easter egg hunter Michelle at the community egg hunt.

Looking forward to posting more often on life updates and my encounters in Nebraska.

Until then...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Time and Change...

            The past three weeks have flown by. Between trips to Iowa, Nebraska, and Washington D.C. and interviews in Lincoln and St. Louis, I have been grateful for the time I have been able spend at home in between all of the commotion. While the majority of my time at home is spent preparing for interviews, doing laundry, catching up on sleep, and spending time with my wonderful family, I also have a to-do list of things I would like to get done. One of them is a blog overhaul.
 Following the trends of some of my friends and fellow bloggers, I intend to transform my blog a bit over the next few weeks. I hope to add some background info about my hometown, my life, and my passions, as well as showcase the talents of many of my friends in their agvocacy efforts.  I also hope to launch my own 101 in 1001 challenge as I began the next phase of my life.  As I try to conquer a more consistent weekly routine, I hope to keep you all updated on my life, pass along any newsworthy items, and post pictures of my latest adventures. In the mean time, I love getting blog suggestions or recommendations of other bloggers to follow! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Brad and Brittany's Wedding and Washington D.C.

     As promised, I will now update on the rest of the month of March. Hours after graduation and packing up my house in Columbus, Brian and I started our road trip to Iowa to spend the week with his family and get ready for his sister Brittany's wedding. After 12 hours in the car together we finally arrived in Marathon, IA at his parents house. Brian headed off to Omaha for work meetings and I had a great time spending time with the Anderson's -- Loren, Lisa, Brittany and Michelle-- until he returned on Wednesday.

Brian's sisters, Brittany and Michelle
    The weekend quickly approached and we had a ton of fun on Friday at the rehearsal dinner. Saturday came, and the big day was finally here! Brad and Brittany had such a wonderful ceremony and reception filled with friends, family, and lots of fun. I was honored to be a part of their big day and wish them all the best in the future.

After a whirlwind wedding weekend, Brian and I headed back to Norfolk to get ready for a work trip to Washington D.C.. I was super excited to head to the Nation's capital, as it was Brian's first trip to the city. We had a great itinerary planned for the group of dealers he took and we managed to visit the Holocaust museum, WWII, Vietnam and Korean Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Arlington Cemetery, and many many more.
Cherry Blossoms!

     Excited for a busy week of traveling and interviews ahead. Will update you all in the next week or two on where my next move will take me!

Monday, April 4, 2011

How Firm Thy Friendship...

In the next few weeks I hope to catch you all up on the events of my amazing March. As I continuing my crazy travel and interview schedule, I hope to fill you in on my MS graduation, Brad and Brittany's wedding, and Brian and I's trip to D.C. So, to kick it all off....

On March 20th I officially ended my time as a Buckeye student. Notice I say student, because the Buckeye part, never ends. I was overwhelmed with the memories of the past 5 years as the day approached. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I feel to have been able to attend the world's best institution, study with some of the best professors and peers, and experience life through the glorious Ohio State lens. Your support has come in many forms, and has propelled me through the tests and kept my spirits high throughout the process. Know that I appreciate all of you and hope to keep in contact with you wherever my next journey takes me.

A few highlights of my weekend....
Yep,  I did it! And got the paper to prove it right away!

My wonderful Grandparents. 

Night before graduation. Dinner downtown with my family!

Now on to the next part of my journey. But as our wise President Gee says ... "I do not wish to bid you farewell, only that you fare well in your next endeavors."

Go Bucks!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March: In the Running for the Best Month of 2011

As a kid I often hated the month of March. Rarely did school close in March, March had no scheduled holidays, March was often filled with rainy, cloudy days that prevented us from going out to recess, and March meant we still had several days left of school.

But, as I have grown older, I have come to appreciate the month of March much more. Unlike the March's of my youth, this March -- March 2011, is going to be hard to beat throughout the rest of the year. Why, you may wonder, is this March so wonderful and deserving of such praise? Let me brief you on the many events that have happened, and will happen, this month.

I spent the first day of March on a beach in the Dominican Republic. Brian and I spent 5 days down south with a few of his co-workers. We enjoyed quality sun time during the day, fancy dinners in the evening, and rounding off the day with some blackjack in the casino. It was certainly my idea of a great vacation.

After returning from vacation, I spent March 3-16 finishing up edits on my thesis and completing my associateship work in the College office.  I was able to participate in the selection of the new College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Ambassador Team and helped organized the CFAES Buckeye Scholarship competition for high-school students.

March 20th will mark my second graduation from Ohio State. I am excited to once again walk across the stage in the Schottenstein Center at Ohio State and receive my Masters of Science in Agriculture degree from our honorable President, Dr. E. Gordon Gee. I am so grateful and thankful that so many members of my family will join me in Columbus for the celebration. 

Days after graduation, Brian and I will hit the road to head back to his hometown, Marathon, IA. We will celebrate our one-year anniversary on March 25th. Quite the celebration it will be, as Brian's sister Brittany will marry the love of her life, Brad Ganeff, on March 26th. Brian and I are both very excited for Brad and Brittany and are honored to be a part of their special day. 

March will be sent out with a bang as Brian and I head to Washington D.C. on March 31st. My Grandma Wenig has always said I have "Potomac fever" because of my love for our nation's capital. I am excited to be a tour guide for Brian on his first trip to D.C. and spend some time with him and some of his dealers. 

And March wouldn't be March without the glorious display of athletic prowess in March Madness. So very excited to cheer on my BIG10 champs, The Ohio State Buckeyes, as they tackle the competition throughout the tournament. 

Hoping everyone else is enjoying this month as much as I am!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ohio has spoken.

A good friend asked me last night how my goal to blog more was going, clearly with utmost sarcasm. He's right. I clearly have not kept up with blogging as much as I should, but feel redundant in copying blogs and topics from others and don't want to waste your time. This morning I assure you I am not. I would like to pass on a letter sent from Congressman Zach Space representing Ohio's 18th District. Congressman Space writes....

Dear Mr. Pacelle,

I was disappointed and troubled to hear of the recent decision by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to move forward with attempts to further their political agenda and force it on the people of Ohio. This news proves that clearly you and your organization have not been listening.

HSUS was obviously not listening when residents across the state of Ohio spoke in one voice – overwhelmingly supporting Issue 2 and ensuring that Ohioans regulate our own standards for animal care. HSUS was obviously not listening when a majority of Ohio’s federal and state delegation endorsed the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board (OLCSB) – overwhelmingly denouncing the HSUS’ efforts to undermine it. And HSUS was obviously not listening when farmers across the state of Ohio weighed in on this disastrous policy – overwhelmingly opposing it.

In addition to a majority of Ohioans, Issue 2 also had great support among Ohio’s legislators, Governor Strickland, and groups representing animal interests, including The American Humane Association, and the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association. It is unconscionable to me that an outside group would come into our State and claim that they know better.

The OLCSB was created just four months ago with a strong mandate by the people of Ohio, and it would be wrong for it to be hijacked by overzealous special interests based out of Washington, D.C. Our board will ensure that livestock and animals in Ohio are treated humanely and that our agricultural producers – a major sector of Ohio’s economy – are not unfairly penalized with unacceptable regulations.

The experts that will make up the OLCSB are the best sources for determining Ohio’s minimum standards of care for our animals, and not a liberal group whose real intentions are less about animal care and more about control over what we in Ohio eat.

Your attempts to dictate our state policies regarding animal care are misguided, and I will not stand for them. Ohio’s standards of animal care should be determined by those who know the issue best and have a vested interest in the outcome – Ohioans.

I joined the farmers of my district to support the passage of Issue 2, which passed with almost 64% of the vote on November 3rd. Ohioans statewide have spoken. It is clear exactly where they stand on this issue.

Mr. Pacelle, Ohio has spoken. Why haven’t you been listening?


Congressman Zack Space

I am impressed with Congressman Space's letter, his commitment to his constituency, and his commitment to the betterment of Ohio agriculture. If you would like to read more articles like this, hear more about Ohio's most recent battles with HSUS, or to just learn about the political tactics and outrageous schemes of the HSUS, please visit ofbf.org or humanewatch.org

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A limerick to remember.

As many of you know, this past Thursday I was able to travel home for a long weekend and speak to the BG Noon Kiwanis Club over their luncheon meeting. My step-mom Cathy has been a long time member of the club and over the years I have attended their meetings to hear special speakers and have gotten to know many of the members over time.

I was honored a few months ago when Brooke Harrison asked me to speak to Kiwanis as a part of her January platform of speakers all related to agriculture. I thought long and hard of the topics I would want to cover, and how I would give Kiwanis members an accurate snapshot of Ohio and United States agriculture in just 15-20 minutes.

Luckily, the words came easily, and I was very pleased with the message I shared. While I was able to leave my audience more educated on animal agriculture, myths behind factory farming, general innovations across our industry, and consumer awareness, the most memorable part of my day came before I began my presentation.

As a Kiwanis tradition, each meeting members go around the room donating "happy dollars" for the great things that have happened in their lives and communities. As the "happy dollar" circuit was closing, former Bowling Green mayor and highly respected community member Wes Hoffman shared his introductory limerick about me with the group...

For this week we'll hear more about farming,
But to you that should not be alarming,
For our speaker's the daughter
Of the family who brought'er...
And the Wenig's are really quite charming.

Our speaker group up with the grain,
On a farm in Wood County's terrain,
Her career became sealed
When she learned about yield
And why crops are dependent upon rain.

As a girl she was not far away
From 4-H, and, as well, FFA,
She became a real vulture
In affairs agriculture...
...Found a calling she had to obey.

Since her future she now could foresee,
OSU was the next place to be...
There her studies were tough,
Agricultural stuff,
But she finally got her degree.

Now in graduate school she will try
For more knowledge which she can apply...
And we hope she'll succeed
Since there is great need
For a confident world food supply.

Our speaker will give us instruction
On the future of farming production...
She'll explain Issue 2
And just what it will do,
And may warn about cropland destruction.

She'll describe what it means to our fate
To become much more ag literate,
To learn more about growing,
About reaping and sowing,
And the food that we put on our plate.

She will speak of the things that are hot
In the huge agricultural pot...
Though her talk won't be racy,
Let us welcome guest Stacie,
Who'll make sure that we all learn alot!

Thanks to Wes, and the entire BG Noon Kiwanis for welcoming me to your organization so warmly. I hope each of you were able to learn a little about hot topics in agriculture and the role you play as consumers!

Happy Tuesday!